Tuesday, December 9, 2008

By ? (this is an actual halloween costume-holy crap)

By ? (so MEATy!)

By ? (Balloons)

By Cannibol (Christ!)

By Myspace Bimbo (trying to look hot...by posing with a turd)

By Klowntoilet (Rainbow puke is 7 times more deadly than Kryptonite:true fact)

By Ozzy Osbourne

By ? (Banana mascot dump)

By Navillus (Actual tattoo-this guy really loves the throne)

By ? (Wonder Woman: photo)

By Dan Reynolds (Trek's Enterprise)

By ? (Vader's porta-potty)

By ? (Santa's special delivery)

By South Park (Kenny)

By MAD magazine (Alfred E. Newman)

Friday, December 5, 2008

By Reynolds (Star Trek :Captain's log toon)

Beetlejuice says "Whazzzzup?"....

By MedicatedMoments ("Saw"Adam painting)

By ? (Michaelangelo's birth of Adam" parody)

Rosie O toilet paper (she wants to get sh#&-faced !!!)

Spider-Man & Friends kids toilet seat (an actual product!)

By Idgiebay (Donald Duck "the thinker")

Marvel Heroes brand TP ( an actual product!)

By ? (Stargate toilet seat)

By MadArt84 (ET & alien)

Danny Glover says "I'm too old for this s*!t."